Seeking legal help for your child’s education

Your child has an IEP, but progress is not flowing as you’d planned. Your relationship with your IEP team is strained, at best. You may be seeking legal help for your child’s education. If you’ve been seeking legal help, here are some questions you may be asking right now about how to proceed.


What does a special education attorney do?

An attorney will help you know your rights according to the IDEA, FERPA, and NCLB. Federal legislations are simply not something parents are expected to be completely informed about, and an attorney can advocate for your child, and advise you on the most incisive actions to take. In short, they can sort through all the chaos and give you the most pertinent information for your case. 


Couldn’t I just hire an advocate?

An attorney is a legal professional, whereas an advocate knows what your rights are. An advocate can inform you, but not give you legal advice. If you have a serious dispute with the school, and help you weigh your legal options, should you choose to take legal action. Essentially, it depends on the case. If you want to deal with the school yourself but still be informed, an advocate will suffice. If legal action is necessary, you need an attorney. 


What specific services does an attorney provide?

Attorneys deal with practical matters of many types. This can involve requesting and planning for IEP meetings, attending IEP meetings, preparing a formal complaint with a school, negotiating with a school, obtaining records and assessing the strength of your case, and representing you in court. 

No matter what your concerns about your child’s education are right now, there is guidance. If you’re looking for an advocate, contact IEPready by filling out this form and a Parent Guide will contact you, at your most convenient time. We highly recommend Pacific Coast Advocates. If you believe an attorney is necessary for you, the Law Office of Megan Nunez offers the best in San Diego.

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