Is your child’s IEP still effective?

Educators and parents want to be confident about the integrity of a child’s IEP–not only the effectiveness of the objectives, and how they are implemented, but also its relevance. Annual reviews of an IEP are a minimum, although they may not always be sufficient especially during a pandemic! The ultimate question educators, providers, and parents alike want to know about learning accommodations is, are they effective for this child at this time? 

Here are some steps you can use to see if your current IEP is still effective and relevant to your child’s needs. Several factors to consider before an IEP meeting are:

  • The consistency of implementation – If the accommodations are not being implemented on a regular basis, closer monitoring by a team member is necessary. We can’t judge effectiveness without consistency. 
  • The child’s understanding – Have the accommodations been explained thoroughly to the child, and does (s)he know how and when to use them? 
  • Currency of IEP – Is the IEP more than a year old? Has there been an extensive review within the past three years? Are the child’s current situation and abilities still relevant to the time the IEP was drafted? A shift in a child’s mode of education, such as distance learning or a change in school, may require an updated IEP.
  • Parents’ role – Are parents taking an active role in monitoring their child’s progress? 

If you are witness to some (or all) of these factors, it’s time to evaluate your child’s Present Levels of Performance (PLOP). Since many students (typical or not) have regressed since school closures and distance learning, the child’s current skill levels may not be what they were when (s)he was initially evaluated. Are the child’s baseline strengths still what they were at the time of the last IEP?

We cannot afford to get further behind after regression has taken place. Ensuring a child’s educational plan still fits his or her current needs is tantamount to progress. In a time when everyone has made learning accommodations nationwide, let’s revisit and renew. 

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