Is your child’s IEP outdated?

Getting your child’s IEE (Independent Education Evaluation) is a stressful process, especially for parents. IEPready supports parents through the process and here’s why:

  • Too many routes
  • Different professionals are involved (who don’t always work together)
  • Waiting periods
  • Improper assistance- not properly updating IEE goals

While many families hire an advocate or attorney to navigate the process, they still may have to find several different clinics to get their child the holistic evaluation they needs.

At IEPready, we provide a multidisciplinary evaluation all under one roof. Our team of Neuropsychologists, Speech & Language Pathologists and Occupational therapists, work together to give children the evaluation they need, eliminating the hassle of finding all the right providers. 

Best yet, our Parent Guide takes the helm in handling scheduling, communicating with schools, and ensuring parents understand their rights. This process can be overwhelming, and may leave some parents out in the dark. Our Parent Guide acts as a liaison between parents and schools, bridging gaps that ensure transparent communication, eliminate unnecessary hassles, and keep parent rights at the forefront.

IEPready is a hub for families who need a fast solution that works. We ensure children receive the evaluation they are entitled to, while forging a straight path for parents throughout the process.

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