Is your child making progress?

A parent’s eye for monitoring progress in their child’s academic skills is crucial, especially if your child has an IEP. A parent’s role in the IEP process includes not only seeking an IEE and attending IEP meetings, but also noting changes and progress in your child after implementation. Parents have the closest eye on their child; they can see his/her struggles during homework time, integration with his/her peers at play time, and their application of academic concepts outside of school. 

If progress is not apparent after months of a new IEP, this is not something to be ignored. Even after reassurance of a child’s progress by teachers or other professionals, you may still doubt the efficacy of your child’s IEP. Subjective observations from providers or teachers are just that, subjective. Not to mention they can be clouded by the inundation of their caseloads in general. A verbal affirmation that a child is “making progress” can be lackluster, especially if you are not seeing significant progress in your child. A new IEE is the only to give an objective measure of how far your child has grown since his/her last IEE. Waiting until the next scheduled evaluation can have disappointing results if you suspect your child is not meeting their potential.

At IEPready, our Parent Guide helps families navigate through the how-to’s and look-for’s when developing their child’s IEP. This may include having your child assessed with an Independent Education Evaluation (IEE). If you would like an objective opinion about your child’s current educational, motor, and speech abilities, we offer a multidisciplinary evaluation under one roof. Obtaining up to date, objective results takes the wondering (and worrying) out of the picture. Getting your child a new IEE can be the catalyst for real, undeniable progress in your child’s education. Contact our Parent Rep to start this process today.


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