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Meagan Nunez previously wrote about when you should request an Individual Educational Evaluation. In this blog she helps parents determine if their child needs an Individual Education Plan (IEP), which starts with getting an evaluation. If your child already has an IEP, it’s time to reassess their goals and determine if they are still relevant after this much time away from school, due to the pandemic. 

If your child has never needed an IEP, it might be a good time to see if your child needs one. Here’s what Megan suggests asking yourself: 
  1. What services is my child entitled to?
    Services in an IEP must be based on the child’s needs, not the services that exist in the district. The IEP team should consider your individual child’s news and base its offer of FAPE on those needs. 

  2. What is FAPE?
    Free Appropriate Public Education
    1. Free: services and programs provided at no cost to the parents.
    2. Appropriate: services and programs tailored to meet each student’s unique needs to allow him/ her to make progress commensurate with his/ her ability.
    3. Public: provided by or overseen by a public agency. Sometimes school districts contract with private agencies (such as IEPready) or schools to provide services or education to students. These must be overseen by the public agency. 
    4. Education: This includes special education and related services. Special education can include consultation with, pull out and push in services among other options (such as Triton Support Services). Related services can be extensive and include Speech & Language therapy, Occupational therapy, social opportunities and many other types of related services. 

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