Do you need an advocate?

You’ve been dissatisfied with the progress you’ve seen when it comes to your child’s education, and you’ve taken steps to get your child reevaluated. You’re on the right track!


 Now what? 


Too many families are without a roadmap when it comes to navigating this whole process. Getting through the red tape can be an arduous process, especially if you’re trying to figure it all out on your own. You do not need to figure this out alone!


IEPready partners with advocates in the community to speed up the IEE process, and equip you with the guidance and resources you need. After your child is evaluated with our comprehensive tests, you still need an advocate who can take you through next steps: how to communicate new data with the school, how to get the most out of your IEP meetings, and how to advocate for your child knowing your rights. 


IEPready has partnered with trusted advocate, Crystal Sanford, M.Ed., M.A. CCC-SLP, of Sanford Consulting, to be your wing-woman through this process. A former Speech Therapist, with an additional master’s in education, Sanford has extensive experience with special needs. As a parent of a special needs child herself, Sanford knows firsthand how much parents struggle when trying to get their child the help they need. She provides compassionate services to her families including professional analysis of your child’s current IEP, in-person attendance at IEP meetings, and collaboration with your team. 


Sanford offers personalized, one on one advocacy as well as a weekly podcast involving providers in the community, a monthly “Crystal Clear” conference, and a quarterly Q&A webinar for parents. Crystal’s mission is to provide clarity, support, and hope for parents with children of special needs. 

If your child needs a reevaluation, start here. Fill out this form and our Parent Guide will be in contact with you. For expert advice and specific questions about your child’s IEP, click here. Don’t miss out on Crystal’s upcoming events for both you and your child.

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