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Spring evaluations: the in-person assessment they need

Spring is upon us and changes are in order before next school year starts. It’s time to ask that question: has your child’s IEP been reviewed this year? Getting a current picture of where your child’s needs lie right now is crucial to making up for the learning losses they’ve experienced. If you’re searching for […]

SEB Competence: How Does It Affect Learning?

Social and emotional competence in children determines their success in all areas of their lives. It is a key factor in predicting their relationships with peers, self-regulation, and academic performance. These skills help children learn and relate to others. Illuminate Education lists component parts of social emotional competence as self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, relationship skills, […]

Returning to School: What is the Impact?

After over a year of virtual learning, some schools have returned to in-person education, and many will be re-opening within the coming weeks. Re-openings aren’t happening all at once. School districts are handling re-openings differently, phasing students in, if at all. San Diego Unified has announced a reopening for all grade levels on April 12th, […]

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