3 common questions about IEPs during distance learning


Education platforms may have changed drastically in the past year, but our children’s needs have not. Parents of children with an IEP are left wondering, how will my child receive their services and accommodations on a virtual platform? Let’s discuss Three Questions parents have during distance learning. 

Are school aides still available?

Schools are required by the Department of Education (DOE) to provide the same accommodations in a virtual setting as in a classroom setting. The only exception to this is if schools close completely and do not provide education to any students. Schools must provide an aide either in-home or virtually to students whose IEPs necessitate it. If you as a parent have not been receiving the support your child needs, reach out to your case manager or IEP chairperson. 

Can we still get testing?

Fortunately, most educational testing can be administered virtually. If your child has been struggling with learning and you’ve been waiting for schools to completely return before your child is evaluated, don’t postpone! If your school’s psychologist is not currently conducting evaluations, private centers are also an option, and may even be able to evaluate your child in person. If your child needs an evaluation right now, please fill out this form to connect with IEPready’s Parent Guide for information. 

What remote accommodations are best?

Accommodations need to be discussed as an IEP Team–it is up to both parents and the school to come up with solutions for your child. It is the school’s legal obligation to ensure that children with IEPs are still receiving quality support while distance learning. Review your child’s current IEP goals, consider what worked for them in the past, and what they may need now considering the changes. Call an IEP meeting with your team to make a plan of action based on your concerns. If schools are not able to provide the accommodations a child needs at this time, makeup services will be necessary when schools resumes. 

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