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The Collaborative Team Approach to Individual Education Evaluations.
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Speech and Language Evaluation

Speech & Language Evaluation

A speech and language assessment can identify and help if your child doesn't understand language, has problems forming words and sounds, using spoken language, or co-ordinating facial movements.

Occupational Therapy Evaluation

Occupational Therapy Evaluation

An Occupational Therapy IEE includes but is not limited to assessing motor skills, sensory regulation, functional skills, and visual motor and perceptual skills.

Psycho Educational Evaluation

Psycho-Educational Evaluation

A psychoeducational evaluation will help identify your child's unique learning style, by measuring a range of cognitive skills such as reasoning and memory. Psychoeducational evaluations also assess social-emotional and behavioral needs that may impact your child's ability to learn in their school environment.

IEPready is here to support parents through obtaining Independent Education Evaluations for children with special needs.

We are bridging education gaps by providing direction through the evaluation process.

Parent Centered Process

IEPReady Process of IEP

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